Dr Mehmet Oz, creator of the Dr Oz Diet, is a Turkish American born in Cleveland Ohio. He grew up in a mixed Muslim environment and was educated in Delaware before achieving an undergraduate degree at Harvard followed with an MD from the Pennsylvania University School of Medicine and an MBA from The Wharton School. His professional credentials are impressive and too lengthy to mention here. However, suffice to say that he is considered to be one of the world’s foremost pioneers in nutrition and dietary health – Esquire Magazine placed him the "75 Most Influential Person of the 21st Century.”

Research Interests

drozThe research interests of Dr Oz focus on non-invasive cardiac surgery and heart transplants along with other health care policies. He is also the founder and chairman of non-profit organization HealthCorps, which mentors students on health, nutrition and fitness.

TV Appearances

Following his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a health expert for five series Dr Oz went on to feature in a number of programs including Good Morning America, the Today Show as well as Larry King Live, consulting as medical director for the movie John Q starring Denzel Washington. And of course Dr Oz hosts the Dr Oz Show as well as answering global nutritional concerns in the publication “Dr Oz: The Good Life.”


Dr. Oz shows you how to slow down the dreaded aging process by taking charge of your dieting and exercise program. He also offers information on beauty products and supplements; diet and nutrition; lifestyle routines that help you stay fit and feel good by beating your reliance on unhealthy foods, alcohol, smoking and other destructive addictions.

The Two Week Wonder

The Dr Oz Diet took the global nutritional community by storm with its effective but painless two-week program that combines healthy but delicious ingredients that consistently achieve great results. Most dieters on the program lose at least 9 pounds, some losing as much as 20 pounds over the two week period. Even veteran dieters accustomed to losing a pitiful few ounces after lengthy stretches of starvation were delighted to achieve a significant loss on the Dr Oz Diet plan.

On the Menu

The diet created by Dr Oz and fellow food pioneer Dr Mike Roizin expounds the benefits of detox; proteins; superfoods; delicious smoothies; foods that are ultra-rich in nutrients; immunity boosters and the intake of healthy ingredients that accelerate energy yet effectively suppress all those unbearable hunger pains. A complete diet plan is available via www.droz.com Dieters are openly impressed by the recipes provided: easy to prepare and far from all those disgustingly dry and unpalatable frozen diet meals. On the Dr Oz program nobody goes hungry.

Exercise and Lifestyle

dr oz dietEveryone knows that diets can only work well if they go hand-in-hand with a sensible regime of exercise, the word most dieters dread. And it’s easy to see why: the last thing you feel you want to face when you are carrying considerably more than your body weight is a brisk jog! Don’t panic, Dr Oz recommends some enjoyable – yes, enjoyable – exercise starter blocks to help you on your way that are manageable for even the most unfit dieter.

Supplements and Medicines

The word “supplement” conjures up the impression of something that is good for us but this might not be the case. And some supplements or medications can be dangerous when taken with certain foods. Dr Oz provides all the information you need to stay safe and healthy and more importantly recommends what not to take.

Get Well Soon

You are just getting into a new eating and exercise plan when you’re struck down by something that leaves you pale, listless and worn out! Dr Oz can show you how to accelerate the recovery process, get back on your feet and stay on track with your new wellness program.


Dr Oz aspires to narrowing the gap between patients and the medical community, encouraging a candid, truthful and frequent exchange of information between doctors and the people in their care. Many of the treatments and techniques endorsed by Dr Oz might be termed as “alternative” or outside mainstream medicine, including spiritualism; herbalism and acupuncture to name a few…


Dr Oz and his Dr Oz Diet have critics that doubt the benefits of his recommended healthy food and lifestyle choices: his believers outnumber them in millions. Dr Oz lives in New Jersey. He married Lisa in 1985 and they have four children: Daphne, Arabella, Zoe and Oliver.

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